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The same breath breathes through all existence
Once that is known the face of God can be seen

Eros, Spirit and artist quietly move through the clay (the raw earth, source of life, substance of flesh) and gently guide the sun/water/ time worn minerals until the forms begin to emerge -- soft, rolling, undulating. Bold, simple. Physical presence transformed into spiritual expression. Earth as mother and container of Being; bowls as vessels of the Soul. Revelation of the glow inside material existence, an insight which clarifies that each moment in the world can be gracefully and reverentially lived. Transitory existence dignified by the reflection of the Eternal.

Responsive clay yielding to the potter
The worker and the work grow potent in the union.
The potter richer by coming to know all she is.
The clay graced by a soul expressing itself with earthly materials.

The kiln -- transformation by fire
Violent, intense, unremitting.
A ritual of transition.
The pot and potter -- the adepts.
Vulnerable and threatened, they drink the cauldron of flames
and are purified and strengthened.

The fired piece -- a solidification -- a hardening
The tactile softness a memory,
The visual softness alive.
So precarious it could shatter in an instant.
So enduring it could last through all time.