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I feel strongly that art should be experiential and whole, not merely visual or cerebral, that the fullness of existence should be expressed. I am committed to create art that is positive. Having spent over thirty years overcoming a number of chronic as well as serious, life threatening illnesses, I reached a juncture where I decided not to appropriate the suffering and incorporate it into my work, but rather to create art that was celebratory, that affirmed the triumphs -- to validate illness and pain as a cleansing, and creation as a pilgrimage.

When experience hits its darkest, densest, impenetrable depth,
It becomes a springboard.
The Universe, in its balancing act
Pulls the pain to the heights of exquisitely gentle, radiant, and lustrous beauty

Strengthened by the process,
Knowing it is possible to find one's way home.
Back from the black.

From the extremes, vision.

Healing, the act of creating; transforming materials of body and soul.
Knowing one's place in the natural world, a world of forms in process.
Revealing, using the artists' tools to show others the steps along the way.

Giving insight, art clears the inner path of obstacles, the ultimate spiritual gift